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Order weed online in the Netherlands as a foreigner

Are you an international student, traveler or an expat and looking for possibilities to buy weed online in the Netherlands? Groenthuisbezorgd.nl is your solution to get the best weed and hash delivered to your house. Groen Thuisbezorgd has a changing product range and offers high quality products. If your favorite weed or hash is not there, please get in touch and maybe it can be delivered soon. If there is an unknown kind of weed or hash continue reading, as there is always a short description of the kind of product that you are ordering.

The pros of buying weed online in Holland through Groen Thuisbezorgd

Groen Thuisbezorgd (English: green home delivery), got products in high quality, a changing product range, good price and maybe most important, a high sense of privacy. To proceed with an online weed order, you need to be of the legal age of 18. Same as when you make a purchase in the so called “coffee shops”. Next is all we need to know, the delivery address. After two weeks, the system will erase all your information. When you are satisfied and looking to do a repeated purchase, you are welcome to create an account on Groen Thuisbezorgd. Similar as to the rule of age, also online you can only order 5 gram per time. Order weed online now! Order weed online student students foreigner marijuana marihuana cannabis

The delivery after you ordered weed online

After you made your online weed order it will come your way the following day. It will be send in an envelope to your mailbox. As mentioned earlier, privacy is very important to Groenthuisbezorgd.nl. Therefore, no extraordinary packing or package but just a plain and simple envelope. Delivery is available only in the Netherlands and Belgium.

** The website is in Dutch with a translator integrated so translations might not be correct. If you have questions about translations or the order process please do not hesitate to contact. **

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  1. Are you delivering to Paris now, considering the situation and some people rally need some right now? Pleeeeeeeeeaaaassssse 😉

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